Users FAQ

1. Q.  What kind of events should I expect to find on ArtsGourmet?

A. All events listed on ArtsGourmet are either live performances or exhibits of hand workmanship or artistic creativity.  The only exceptions are the presentation of films or lectures specific to the study of or appreciation of artistic pursuits.

2. Q. Why are there no listings in my area?

A. ArtsGourmet is rolling out starting in the Concord/Carlisle Massachusetts area.  In order to provide an immediate useful functionality and clearly demonstrate the sites value we are endeavoring to be as comprehensive within this limited area as possible. Coverage should rapidly increase as advertisers recognize the value of a portal which is uncluttered, responsive, and easy for potential audience members to use.

3. Q. Will you have reviews available to help me judge the quality of the events?

A. No.  For various reasons it is not desirable to attempt to rate the performances in the way you might expect when purchasing a product online.  The mission of ArtsGourmet is to promote appreciation of the arts generally and promote participation.  The listed events will range from musical productions by students in local schools to major productions by professional performers.   The inclusion of a rating system would be unfairly intimidating to many worthy arts organizations.

4. Q Will you able to take reservations and payments for tickets on ArtsGourmet?

A. No.  ArtsGourmet is focused making the connection between arts organizations and users who may be interested in attending their events but may not know that the event or its sponsoring organization even exists.