Posting Guide

ArtsGourmet Publicity Leverage

ArtsGourmet should be regarded as a searching and referral site rather than as an advertising site.  Postings on ArtsGourmet need only to have enough information to encourage an interersted site user to click on the post to see some additional information and then select the "More Info URL" to get the full story from the event's primary website. It is important that postings on ArtsGourmet be straight to the point and as compact as possible so as to keep the site uncluttered while still being a rich source of arts entertainment. 

The real value of ArtsGourmet to arts organizations is the searching capability which enables potential audience members to easily and quickly discover events of interest.  The site is designed to encourage users to explore the range of events offered by presenting pages focused on searching progressively more specific categories and time periods.  Simplifying the search process encourages users to explore the ArtsGourmet and discover events they may not have realized event existed.

The specific searching capabilities include predesignated pages for:

  • designated pages to search for event categories (e.g. music genres)
    • in general category groupings, and
    • in specific categories or genres
  • focused page-associated search forms to return only those events that are occurring in a particular geographical area
  • pages focused on discovering events which are to occur in the next couple of weeks and months
  • general search forms which allow searching for any individual or combination of
    • specific keywords (e.g. "oboe", "Shostakovich", "Peabody", or "Swing Dance"
    • event categories
    • time brackets
    • geographical areas

This rich mix of searching options encourages the use of ArtsGourmet as a discovery tool to quickly check on the availability of events of interest occurring at a convenient time and place.

Operating Mode

Events are posted and edited on ArtsGourmet by ArtsGourmet Publishers  who are registered representatives of their arts organizations.  Postings are reviewed by the ArtsGourmet Moderator and all users are encouraged to notify the Moderator regarding the presence of unsuitable postings. This method of operation permits arts organizations the maximum flexibility in editing their submissions on ArtsGourmet and keeping them up-to-date.

Event managers are encouraged to submit information about all of their programs well in advance, including even beyond a full season prior.  Posted events may be edited and updated at any time.  Publishers don't delete out-of-date events but they become automatically unpublished as their performance date passes. Publishers may also directly unpublish an event by changing the date to a date past.

Posting Qualifications

The Posting Application form requires the following information.

  • For the sponsoring Arts Organization
    • Organization Name
    • Organization URL
    • Organization Mission (sufficient to determine event types to be expected)
  • For the person applying for publishing privileges 
    • Arts-Related Title
    • Selected Username
    • Email address and optional 2nd email address

Those wishing to publish events without a specific web presence should include additional information regarding their event when they submit their registration. It is also preferable that they submit a sponsoring organization's website.  Often in cases where an artist is appearing in a venue which hosts events but is not featuring their event specifically, the artist should reference their own website rather than the site belonging to the host organization,

In the case of open mic or recurring events which occur regularly at a restaurant or pub, the publisher may use the URL of the venue if it contains information about presented events. 

 Cost of Listing

The mission of ArtsGourmet is to promote support of the arts by increasing the ability of arts organizations with even the most limited of means to connect to potential audience members. Payment is on a voluntary donation basis and all payments are accepted via PayPal. 

The suggested donation for listing on ArtsGourmet is $5 per event-listing submission for the listed parent event with an additional $1 per additional date listing of the same event.