Posting FAQ

1. Q What is the purpose of ArtsGourmet?

A. ArtsGourmet is a referral site intended to make receptive visitors aware of your event and direct them to your site for further information.  ArtsGourmet is not an advertising site.

  • Postings on ArtsGourmet need only to have enough information to encourage an interested site user to click on the posted thumbnail image to see some additional information and then select the "More Info URL" to get the full story from the event's primary website. It is important that postings on ArtsGourmet be straight to the point and as compact as possible so as to keep the site uncluttered while still being a rich source of arts entertainment.
  • Postings on ArtsGourmet are limited to information specific to each live or streamed event.  Advertisements for recordings or other items should be relegated to the posting organization's website where it will receive greater visibility via the ArtsGourmet referral.

2. Q Why should I post on ArtsGourmet?

A. ArtsGourmet offers a number of advantages over any other publicity option that has up 'til now been available.  When it contains a fully stocked database in your area it will,

  • quickly, efficiently, and securely present your event information to those who are actively seeking to attend your event.  (General "Google" searches turn up way too many irrelevant links to be helpful)
  • stimulate increased consumer awareness by offering many relevant choices in an uncluttered and easily navigated environment.
  • offer a quality publicity portal which is available free for now and which will always remain easily affordable in the future.  (by comparison, local print posting for a single week can run into the hundreds of dollars)
  • allow events to be entered into the database a full season in advance without additional cost.  Events will then automatically appear in a timely fashion and users may search any time frame during the upcoming season to discover events that may fit with their personal schedules.
  • allow users to securely search for events of interest in any location, perhaps in a nearby but less familiar neighborhood.

3.  Q  What is the charge for posting my event on ArtsGourmet?

A  ArtsGourmet is operating on a donation basis for the present and hopefully for the long term.  The site is intended to promote the arts rather than to return a large profit however in order to remain self sufficient it must generate an adequate income. The donation is requested expected to be sufficient to offset the costs of server facilities, administration, active site moderation, and further development for wide area coverage.

The donation suggested via PayPal is, $5 for listing a single named event with an additional $1 for each repetition of the same performance. As an example, a theater presenting the same play with Friday and Saturday performances over three successive weeks we would suggest $10.

4.  Q.  Are you accepting event postings from organizations outside the greater-Boston area?

A. We're not listing a specific geographical boundary but at the present time we are only accepting applications for publishing privileges from organizations in greater Boston and southern New Hampshire regions.  As we gain in recognition we expect to add subdomains to ArtsGourmet that will provide coverage to other geographical areas.

5.  Q.  How secure is my information on ArtsGourmet?

A.  ArtsGourmet is a secure site and implements robust security protocols and safeguards to protect the email addresses of event administrators.  Oversight by an active advertising moderator provides additional insurance against misuse or malicious use of the site.  If your organization's website is being flagged as "not secure," the security of your ArtsGourmet listing may be more reassuring to some visitors.