About ArtsGourmet


ArtsGourmet was created to promote the arts by improving the ability of potential audience members to discover events of interest to them which are to be performed during a time that fits their schedule and at a convenient location. 

Advantages for Arts Organizations

  • Listing is affordable to those with even the most limited advertising budgets (particularly advantageous for local events with small audiences)
  • Event managers have full control over their listings. After registering as a Publisher on ArtsGourmet they can submit, review, and edit their listings on their own computer.
  • Listings for an entire season may be entered at once and edited as necessary throughout the season.
  • Unlike most advertising media which rely on accidental discovery (or tracked browser use), ArtsGourmet is designed to assist someone who is actively looking for a particular event type at a time and location suitable to them.

Advantages for Users

  • The site has been designed to reduce the time required to discover events of interest to an absolute minimum.
    • There is no requirement for registration in order to search the database for events.
    • There are no cookies or popups.
  • ArtsGourmet presents unique capabilities for planning to attend events.
    • Event categories can be filtered by a desired time period to quickly reveal possible choices.
    • Searches can be refined by specifying the radius of an area centered on an address to find events of interest even in an unfamiliar location.
  • The range of types and genres of events is exceptionally broad and conducive to exploring events that would likely go unnoticed without the search features of ArtsGourmet. 

Non-Profit Status

ArtsGourmet has been developed and funded by a member of the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra.

ArtsGourmet.org is currently operating as a non-profit under the umbrella of the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra while it is applying for its own status as a tax exempt nonprofit organization under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code.