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Please consider contributing the price of a ticket or donation to a performance you are unable to attend by clicking the "Register" button* related to the event and "purchasing" a ticket or making a donation directly that event's sponsoring organization.

Artists, artisans and performers of all types are being especially hard hit by the financial impact of COVID-19.  Much if not all of their income is obtained directly from performance revenues which they of course are now not receiving.  Organizations and ensembles are also losing a major fraction of their budgeted income.  There is a real possibility that we will be losing many of the organizations and performances that we have come to rely upon for inspiration, joy and enjoyment in our lives.

ArtsGourmet is encouraging event managers to continue posting events which have been planned but are now cancelled or deferred as well as events they may be planning beyond Labor Day.

*PLEASE NOTE: The "REGISTER" button is simply a link to the ticket/donation page on the site which offers the event.  There is no user registration on ArtsGourmet.

Arts Gourmet is your portal for finding local arts events of interest. Select the "Begin Your Search" link above to quickly find upcoming events in general categories.  For more selective searching go to CATEGORIES or TIMES in the main menu.  Go to SEARCH ALL to perform a completely custom search.  Events managers wishing to post their event may login or apply for posting privileges in the POST EVENTS area.

Note: ArtsGourmet is in its roll-out phase. Expect the number of listed events to increase substantially as we approach the 2020-21 concert season.